Why You Should Outsource Content Creation


Creating a good content isn’t a piece of cake. Content Creation is tough. Many businesses struggle to develop premium quality contents. In order to engage your current and future potential customers, you need a good storytelling strategy. Don’t get obsessed with storytelling though. Your job as a business writer or CMO is to deconstruct information. To present it in a way, so that people can easily absorb. You’re writing about solutions to real problems. Writing should be simple.

However, great content creators aren’t always great storytellers, but they’re fantastic tour guides. They introduce you to an unfamiliar subject. You don’t get lost away.

In order to create a great content, many businesses hire clones. Don’t do that! Instead, outsource your content duty. It’s a great solution for B2B markets. Outsourcing like a pro will give you a competitive edge. Here are some major benefits:


Scale up efforts

Building a content creation team internally can be risky. By outsourcing your content, your ability to scale is constraint monetarily only. It’s not constraint by time or resources. It’s efficient.


Customized tech

Rather than using general software through huge investments in time, talent and money, you can use agency’s tools. It’ll result to collaborative content creation. Many agencies allow you to access their contents. By viewing their analytic and public profile, it makes the entire process smooth, simple and fun.


Save your wallet

No matter how much confident you are in your team, if it’s too bogged down with multiple things ( content creation, management, distribution ), nothing will be timely. Your team won’t meet up to the quality standard.

Now that you know of the major benefits of outsourcing content, it’s time to get one. Make sure you know the type. It’s important to match up with the agency relationship you’re after. Here are 3 types of agency to help you decide what you need for outsourcing content marketing work:


The curator

Content curator gathers, organizes properly and delivers published content. It makes sure, that it’s relevant to your business and clients. This helps you grow accordingly. They’ll generally post content for your social media, blog, email newsletter weekly and monthly. But, it’s not unique or exclusive. Those contents were published before in online publication. Some are just tweaked a little here and there to fit in your business.


The partner

They handle many things. From editing to publishing to distribution, they do all the work needed. It’s a true partner for your business. They often send their special team of account managers, content writers and editors. It helps them to understand and know your business, clients and goal. Thus, leading to a long and meaningful relationship.


The implementer

They take your documented strategy and execute the content creation. It’s based on a network of freelancers. The freelance writers provide you articles based on cost, quality and time. It specially works well when you have a bunch of work to do, but left with very little time.


By delegating your work to experts, your business can reach the proper target and boost growth.