Top 5 Managed WordPress Hosting


Running a business these days is not easy. You constantly need to juggle between a couple of things: marketing, hosting, social media, content creation, etc. For novice business owners, this might be overwhelming. 

In this blog, we’ll explore why choosing the right managed WordPress hosting is the best decision you’ll ever make. You might be asking, do you require managed WordPress on your site? Is it worth it to invest in good managed WordPress hosting? Well, below, you’ll find the best Managed WordPress Hosting companies that you can use to manage your site. 

Here are the top five WordPress managed hosting that you can choose to host your website. 

WP Engine

WP Engine is one of the most popular managed WordPress hosting services available in the market. You’ll get in-house optimization of your website, a staging environment that helps you experiment before your website goes live. 

Here are some of the features that you might want to know if you are planning to use WP Engine: 

  • The migrations are swift and comfortable from the old host.
  • It provides a free SSL certificate. 
  • Provides a staging environment for your website. 
  • There are tons of performance measuring tools and options. 
  • 24/7 customer support will help you to keep your server up and running. 

The customer support agents are quick to respond. They are helpful and can resolve your problem within minutes. If you face any other problem, you can always check the knowledge base and see many documentation and tutorials. 

Features are necessary, but performance is something that deserves applause. WP Engine has lots of performance-based features that are worth talking about. 

The free CDN has all the features included. From page performance solutions to testing the website for improvements. 

WP Engine has several server locations, making it one of the most powerful managed WordPress hosting servers. 


Cloudways is the simplest and cheapest managed WordPress hosting available in the market. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to deploy your website on the hosting service without the help of an IT expert. The Cloudways platform is designed to maximize speed, performance and minimize the hassle you face while migrating a hosting service. 

Let’s look at some key features of CLoudways that make it the favorite choice for medium-to-small size businesses. 

  • Cloudways operates on a pay-as-you-go model. Starting from $10 a month, the pricing increases with more features. 
  • The auto-healing features resolve any problem that might occur in your hosting server.
  • WordPress is the most targeted hosting by hackers; Cloudways has its firewall that prevents hackers from breaching. 
  •  The two-factor authentication adds a layer of security against hackers. 
  • The apps can easily be installed with one-click.
  • Easy setup for a new website with just a few clicks.

The Cloudways feature-set is designed for security, speed, and performance. If you want to try it before you buy, go for a 3-day-trial and test all the features for yourself. 

With automated backups, it will be easy for you to keep the website safe. And the dedicated firewalls will prevent any hackers from injecting harmful code into your website. 

If you are a startup looking for economically managed WordPress hosting, Cloudways is the best choice. 


Kinsta is a Google Cloud-powered managed WordPress Hosting platform. This gives Kinsta access to the world’s best cloud hosting servers. You can choose the data center closest to your location, which means you will receive on-demand scaling without any downtime. 

What makes Kinsta Different from Competitors? 

  • You’ll have the power of a large hosting platform. What seems difficult to manage, it’s simpler to use. 
  • The managed WordPress hosting is performance-based which means it is ever-ready for any traffic spikes that it may come across. 
  • With automatic backups, manual backups, and even downloadable backups, the platform is entirely safe and keeps your data stored. 
  • The New Relic Monitoring monitoring service is designed for advanced users. Your WordPress website will be monitored for performance and optimized as per the need. 
  • KeyCDN partnered with Kinsta to help users clear their cache with just one click. 

Although it might seem that Kinsta is not cheap, the price is worth the performance. If you are a medium-size business scaling fast, Kinsta will help you get on the next step. 


Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting for high-end brands. It is specially designed for designers and developers who understand the importance of a tech-savvy hosting service. 

Here are some of the critical features that Flywheel provides to its users:

  • A password-protected demo site for the clients to test the performance of the website. 
  • You can easily customize and save WordPress configuration settings for future use. 
  • An intuitive control panel gives you the ability to manage your website smartly. 
  • You can easily white-label the Flywheel hosting and brand it with your name. 
  • Ability to add collaborators to access the Flywheel dashboard, which is separate from WordPress website users. 
  • FREE WordPress website migrations allow users to migrate their previous websites in a hassle-free manner. 

The Flywheel Google Cloud migration added a benefit to their security and downtime problems. Now, if you want to host your managed WordPress hosting on as low as $30, you can get it with Flywheel. A user-friendly hosting service that’ll give you all the support you need to scale your business quickly. 


Powering 300,000 websites with over 10 billion page views, Pantheon is one of the fastest managed WordPress hosting providers in the market. A hosting service designed especially for Drupal websites provides an environment to test and seamlessly run the websites. With high uptime, scalability, security, and a strong customer retention rate, Pantheon is the most preferred choice of Drupal website owners. 

Here are some key features that make Pantheon different from other managed WordPress hosting services: 

  • You can access multiple on-going projects from a single dashboard.
  • The platform provides flexibility for developers to customize and the customer support is proactive and knowledgeable. 
  • The three separate development environments make it easy to keep several websites up and running simultaneously. 
  • With cache servers and Redis servers, it is easy to improve the website’s performance even with simple changes. 
  • The powerful workflow encourages the users to do the right thing and avoid mistakes while migrating the website. 

If you have more than one website, then Pantheon is the right choice for managed WordPress hosting. You can easily host multiple websites without affecting the performance of even one website. The hosting is designed for speed and performance, making it easy to manage more than one website. Lastly, the customer support staff is patient and knowledgeable, making it easy to resolve issues faster than any other hosting service. 

Closing Thoughts

Choosing a web host is a critical decision that will shape your business’s success. Just looking at the price is not wise. You now know which of the five managed WordPress hosting provides what features. 

Choose the one that best-first your need. If you are starting, maybe you can go with one web host, and as you scale the business, you can choose the one with advanced features and good customer support.  

Each of these managed WordPress hostings offers different features. You can choose the one that is best for your business.