What To Do After Installing WordPress


So, you’ve just installed the awesome WordPress! Wohoo. Are you thinking of what to do now? We’ll don’t sweat. You’re in the good hands. Founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2013, around 1.48% of Technorati’s Top Blogs are managed by the WordPress. This speaks about the popularity of WordPress. It has hundreds of free customizable, mobile ready designs and themes. The New York Times, CNN, Mashable, eBay, all use their blogs in WordPress.

‘The future of WordPress is in the social media, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and application platforms’- Matt Mullenweg.

More than 25.8% of all the websites use WordPress. You can be proud of using it! WordPress is a big thing, but only 229 employees handle the giant business. Maybe that is why they actively look out for good developers. The developers charge about $50/hr. Are you thinking of joining?

To get started, here are few things you can help yourself to make a great WordPress site.

Backup Properly

Consider it as your insurance policy. Keeping a backup for your WordPress is essential. As it does not have a built – in backup system, you may need to use plugins for securing database and files. iThemes Security protect your WordPress. It will keep the hackers and bots out of your way. You will surely be secured. There are some impressive features of iThemes:

  • Renaming the default ‘Admin’ user account
  • Files with unauthorized changes are constantly tracked and checked
  • Strong and powerful passwords are implemented
  • Locks out the threats after consecutive failed login trials

There are even videos for protecting your WordPress by iThemes Secutiry. You may take a look in to them. You can overcome spam by using plugins.

While many plugins are now available, using too many of them may cause loading the page at a slow rate. As a rule of thumb, decide beforehand on the number of plugins you want to use for the WordPress.

Seeking The most out of SEO

In order to get more traffic, make a SEO ( search engine optimization ) friendly site. Google takes a close look at it to be honest. There are many plugins including WordPress SEO to help you out. The Yoast SEO has many tools to improve your WordPress site. It monitors your alt tags, focus keyword, length of your post, subheadings, etc. It has XML sitemaps, which uses your images for better search engines. This also makes the post easier to read for the human eyes (less eye – strain).

Moreover, as it has Facebook openGraph and, it has been said to support Google+ sharing tags too. As you can see, the SEO and social media are intertwined.

True that your site is a WordPress site, but it’s your WordPress site. It is not just anyone’s. People should be able to know it from your tagline. You can use your brand or company’s tagline or mission and vision. However, if you don’t want to put any tagline, feel free to leave it blank. Just remember to omit the default tag.

Have you noticed the default content like ‘Hello World’?  Don’t forget to delete that comment. You will be better off. Then you can replace it with any cool content you want. Through the Pods CMS plugin, create various contents, without using any custom built buttons.

Setting your settings

WordPress is happy to provide you with a lot of setting options. Don’t overlook them. Make the most out of them.

The time zone should be set according to your local time. This will make sure that the time is set correct when you publish your content or just save it for the future publish. You can even set the future time for the publish. You can always walk through the users and click ‘YOUR PROFILE’  to choose how you want your name to be seen and notification to come.

You can also update or change your password over there. Use permalinks efficiently. By having the name of the post, you’ll be publishing or the page in your permalinks helps your SEO efforts. It not only looks nice, but also seems professional. For more info, go to iThemesSwag.com

Don’t forget to put the Goggle Analytic tag on your WordPress site. Through that, you can observe, check and monitor the number of visitors coming to your site, the amount of time they stay, where the traffic is exactly coming from, talks and chats regarding any post of content of your site, current visitors on your site and many more. So, in order to avoid the  regrets of installing it before, set it right now. Surely, you’ll be benefited.

E-mail for your potential growth

Many consider Email to be a form of potential revenue to generate. And, it’s also said to be the ideal way for delivering a content directly. It’s a perfect way to stay engaged.

You can think of ways to enhance the email list. Set a subscription box or provide incentive like coupons and free resources ( for example, an E – book ).


Wrapping up, here are some fun facts on WordPress- Over the years, WordPress has earned the image of being very easy to use. It comes with pre – installed design options. Although it has said to have few complains like it requires specific knowledge of WordPress scripting. It’s vital to make edits of deletes in the post. It also requires many plugins. As said before, it as a result affects overall functionality of the site.

Though WordPress site was immensely criticized for not having sufficient offline support in the form of Microsoft created soft wares, it still has enough assists from online sources. On the other hand, many people like and appreciate the fact that there are nearly 40 different translations  of WordPress. If English isn’t your mother tongue or the first language and you struggle a bit while handling it, then you’re lucky. But, if you’re still not familiar with the other forty languages provided, then don’t worry. The WordPress team is persistently working towards coming up with new language translations for the betterment of everyone.