What To Do After Installing WordPress

So, you’ve just installed the awesome WordPress! Wohoo. Are you thinking of what to do now? We’ll don’t sweat. You’re in the good hands. Founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2013, around 1.48% of Technorati’s Top Blogs are managed by the WordPress. This speaks about the popularity of WordPress. It has hundreds of […]

5 Most In Demand Programming Language Of 2016

The demand for programming language has escalated a lot recently and has been expected to keep growing. Glassdoor published a recent report on top 25 lucrative, in demand jobs. You will notice that a lot of jobs need some sort of programming skills. So if you are looking for a well paid and gainful career, […]

How to Empower Women to the Coding World

Coding had traditionally been a male dominated field. 62% of software developers are men. The lack of women and girls in the engineering or coding is already a well – documented problem (there has been many journals, articles, reports, and researches published). Employers are well aware of this. To bridge this gap, it is time […]

Amazing tips for a successful website project

Are you thinking of working on a website project? A successful website project consists of many winning factors. Read this, and thank me later! A) Planning Your website project needs a discipline of initiating, planning, executing and controlling for a critical success. Website project management include design, develop, analyze and then evaluate. Your initial limitation […]

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