How To Nail The New SEO



Is your new SEO ( search engine optimization ) strategy up to the benchmark for this year?

This very question travels in the air for many businesses. Search engine ranking algorithm evolve faster than a zombie plague we see in the movies ( pun intended ). Each year, Google changes it’s search algorithm for over 600 times. With every New Year coming, they provide us with updates that are more beneficial.

Many organizations fail to keep pace with it. On the other hand, some businesses optimize the advantages too. Google often updates algorithm on a massive scale. This affects search results in a significant way.

Are you ready for the organic search era?



Earlier, SEO was more simple. With keywords, meta descriptions and inbound links, it seemed like a cracker-barrel ( simpler ). Now, forget about those blue links. Google no longer is the middle – man. It wants to be the ultimate ‘answer’ for all your questions and queries. Google nowadays tries to provide all sorts of answers relevant to your search. The Answer Boxes have become a vital attribute in the Google Search Engine result pages. You should consider that as a part of SEO strategy.

In order to nail this new SEO strategy, look beyond your website. You should target over a complete win over search results in 2016. It’s all about being ‘the answer’. You should be available in the images, videos, Instagram, Tweeter feeds, knowledge Graph and Maps, etc.

Did you notice the Answer Box called ‘People also like’?  By using keyword search tools, you can also design your query to answer them. Google might select your part over the competition.


Machines are leading:

Did you hear about the Alpha Go? The bot defeated a human this year!

Machine learning is a core trans-formative way by which we are rethinking everything we are doing- Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichaion

Rank brain is Google’s new machine learning algorithm. With AI at it’s heart, it interprets search questions and seeks knowledge from each of them. In short, with the help of artificial intelligence, Google is getting smarter every day.


Active Tweeter and hash tag trend

In 2015, Tweeter gave out Google access to live data streams. So, Tweets will be shown on the new  SEO results. Isn’t that great? You can nail it by promoting your business activity on Tweeter. Include keywords. You can also give site links and relevant hash tags. It’ll engage more people. Moreover, try to utilize the power of images on Tweeter.

Summarizing it, Google’s indexing of tweeter will grow drastically this year. Hope, you’re ready.

Trending hash tags can predict breakout search terms. That too hours in advance. Hence, you may not be able to see what’s stored in the future, but Tweeter will. So play according to the game rules.


Structured data

By structuring your data, you will be ranked higher. Develop meaningful dimensions to your content. It’ll aid RankBrain. Google wants webmasters to implement structured data. It’ll reduce data ambiguity. To get higher rank, categorize your content and data properly. For more information, use Goggle’s structured data tool. You can also read their blog. You do know, they’ll never leave you alone in the dust.


The growth of Adblocking

We all know how irritating Ads can be. It’s just the beginning. Customers are increasingly resisting traditional online ads and emails and other modes. Some consider it as spam. People are unsubscribing from marketing emails, newsletters and other forms of subscriptions. In order to break through the clutter, do something different. Try Advertainment, ( advertisement + entertainment ) making the ads so exciting that people just get hooked to it. Some advertainment get so successful that people want to watch them over again. Or try product placement, it’s like promoting your product in a very exclusive way. That’s unconventional. The bottom line here is, the new SEO will become more important path for your ideal customers to find you. They want to find you. So, try not to be a stalker.

Have you heard of DuckDuckGo? If not, then at the end of this year, you’ll surely will.Founded in 2008, it’s a search engine that concentrates in protecting your privacy and security. It avoids the filter bubble in your search results. Seems like Google’s got some competitor. Is it good or bad?

People are switching to this search engine. It’s a search engine, that doesn’t track you. It has smarter answers. In addition, it has less clutter and real time privacy. It can be said as a reaction to the culture of constant selling pressure. Organic, inbound marketing is far more effective. Try that. Specially, in the face of people blocking, unsubscribing, traditional marketing methods, etc.


The rise of mobile usage

Many websites aren’t mobile friendly. They are getting behind the competition. Google wanted to disprove these sites. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and trend, set your website to a mobile friendly zone. You may use innovative designs for hooking the customers (read my previous blog). You must have a mobile responsive site. Or else, you can never achieve a competitive edge. If you haven’t, do it now. It’s a standard, you must maintain. Or else, they’ll leave your website.

Look out for mainstream releases this year. Optimize the opportune. Stay ahead of the game. Furthermore, align mobile search with local results. Local visibility is highly appreciated and important. The local search  SERPs now show only 3 listings. Earlier, it was 7. So, you can already see the tough competition.

In addition to that, Adwords Ads are continuing to take up extra critical room above the fold on both desktop and mobile devices. it’s  an advertising service by Google. This program enables business to set a budget for advertising. You can only pay when people click on the ads. This service is mainly focused on keywords. Aim to be in the top 3-ad positions, for sales focused queries. Or else, you won’t be seen.

Is your new SEO set to break or make?

In order to nail the new SEO strategy this year, pay extra attention to Adwords, keywords, active Tweeter and hash tags. Hope you will ace it.