How To Write A Stunning Content

Ask two people about long-form content, and you’ll end up with two distinct responses. Some say, long-form content is a risk. It may reduce the attention. On the other hand, others might say it’s a wonderful way to engage readers and create value for them. Also, get value in return. Usually, long-form content is helpful. […]

How To Nail The New SEO

  Is your new SEO ( search engine optimization ) strategy up to the benchmark for this year? This very question travels in the air for many businesses. Search engine ranking algorithm evolve faster than a zombie plague we see in the movies ( pun intended ). Each year, Google changes it’s search algorithm for […]

Why You Should Outsource Content Creation

Creating a good content isn’t a piece of cake. Content Creation is tough. Many businesses struggle to develop premium quality contents. In order to engage your current and future potential customers, you need a good storytelling strategy. Don’t get obsessed with storytelling though. Your job as a business writer or CMO is to deconstruct information. […]

What To Do After Installing WordPress

So, you’ve just installed the awesome WordPress! Wohoo. Are you thinking of what to do now? We’ll don’t sweat. You’re in the good hands. Founded by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2013, around 1.48% of Technorati’s Top Blogs are managed by the WordPress. This speaks about the popularity of WordPress. It has hundreds of […]

Mastering The Digital Marketing In 2016

Staying ahead of the curve is of the utmost importance in the marketing world. From SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) to connect marketing, keeping in pace with the leading – edge mode for mastering the digital marketing can be a serious dare. The digital media has become so pervasive that customers have access to […]

7 Things You Should Know About Virtual Reality

Virtual reality ( VR ) is basically an immersive multimedia which imitates your physical presence in various location in the real as well as imaginary world. It lets you (user) to interact with that stirring environment. Virtual reality creates wonderful sensory experiences like vision, touch, hear, and smell. This has gained a lot of attention […]

5 Most In Demand Programming Language Of 2016

The demand for programming language has escalated a lot recently and has been expected to keep growing. Glassdoor published a recent report on top 25 lucrative, in demand jobs. You will notice that a lot of jobs need some sort of programming skills. So if you are looking for a well paid and gainful career, […]

5 Awful SEO Blunders By Beginners

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of affecting the visibility of a website in search engine’s unpaid results, often referred to as natural or organic results. For a successful business, it’s vita. It is cost effective. The search engines are grabbing more market share than ever before. However, it needs to be applied […]

How to Empower Women to the Coding World

Coding had traditionally been a male dominated field. 62% of software developers are men. The lack of women and girls in the engineering or coding is already a well – documented problem (there has been many journals, articles, reports, and researches published). Employers are well aware of this. To bridge this gap, it is time […]

6 Ways To Effectively Design

An effective design can convey your message properly, make people connect and relate to it. A good looking website evidently will get you more clicks and traffic. Isn’t that we all want for business success? Without making you wait any further, here are some basic guidelines you may follow to effectively design.   What is […]

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