Amazing tips for a successful website project


Are you thinking of working on a website project?

A successful website project consists of many winning factors. Read this, and thank me later!

A) Planning

Your website project needs a discipline of initiating, planning, executing and controlling for a critical success.

Website project management include design, develop, analyze and then evaluate. Your initial limitation could be reach, liberty, quality or even cost. Unless you manage your project properly, you may run late or cost may go above the planned amount.

There are many techniques and approaches for an ideal website project management. You can have your own pick. Make sure you know your web developer’s choice too. A proper methodology creates an easy road map by minimizing risks, issues and costs and manages staff and suppliers. Many are indecisive with which methodology to go for-Waterfall or Agile

Well, waterfall is a linear approach to website development. Waterfall helps website developers and customers agree in the early stages, eliminating any clash.

It makes plan and design candid with accurate time frame. It is easy to manage as each stage has particular deliveries and review process. This model does not overlap stages (processed and completed one at a time).

However, make sure you plan properly from the start. As, once an application is in the testing stage, it’ll be costly for you to go back and change. It’s not that flexible. It is considered to be inappropriate for long and ongoing projects, creating high rate of threats and uncertainties.

Ideally, if your project is short with no ambiguous requirements, and have ample resources, then Waterfall can be your right pick.


On the other hand, Agile methodology is the latest in the website development field. It has transparency. The collaborative aspect make the clients actively participate. As a result, this makes the project more productive and efficient. Also, the pay as you go factor is well admired from the expense point of view.

The problem with Agile methodology is the rising cost. There is no end in seeking time, money and resources. Poor client participation directly affects the website project quality.

For ambitious and collaborative work, Agile project methodology can be the right choice for you.

No need to get blue for the cons of both sides. You can strategically blend the power of both and avoid the negatives.

B) Organizing

Make sure you clearly outline the stages of the website project. Web developers should be clear with their thoughts and ideas. Ask for copy write services, etc from them. You need to get each and every ingredient precisely,(the color, images, hierarchy, etc) leaving no space for vagueness.

C) Time framing

In order to create a successful web project, set practical goals. Time frame accordingly and be adaptable. You may need to be flexible with time, as one or two delays may occur for justified reasons.

To sustain an ideal form, get a sign- off process at the end of each phase. Written sign offs prevents misunderstandings and disputes as the project goes on. If meeting regularly is not possible geographically, communicate through phones, Skype, google hangouts, etc. but the formal decision is better to be taken through emails. Payment can be given at the end of each stage providing incentives, meet deadlines and also reducing your costs.

D) Effectively communicating

Ineffective communication can hamper the smooth flow of work. Determine roles properly and give room for productive leadership. This will benefit your project tremendously.

Your time is valuable, you don’t want to explain the same thing to hundreds of people at hundreds of different places. A single meeting point is the best. Eliminates squabbles and clashes.

Communication is the key to successful project management. Keep the people well informed. It’s essential and critical that the project staff know what is expected out of them and what budget and time constraints and quality specification are they working towards. Keep the Project Board informed of the progress.

You may go through few changes and alterations during the work. That’s okay. Talk to your web developer about it before hand. Some changes during the project can increase cost and delay the task. You never know, a small change in present stage can result to large changes in the after math work.

Discuss about the pros and cons of the change (even if it is minor) and from whose pocket will the cost is going to be covered.

E) Assuring quality

Learning to pay attention to specifics is not an easy task. As a part of any good web development process, your site will go through a proper quality assessment, known as QA. Yet, even the brightest and diligent web developers are humans and can miss out a few things.

You should look into the images and other micro element to check if they ate appealing and attracting or not, also look for bugs. Here are some points to note:

  • Check the content (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc )
  • Menus and links ( set in the right place )
  • E-mail forms
  • Browser check
  • Privacy policy (add specific language and points if needed )
  • Testing ( automated, regress-or, penetration, performance, etc )
  • Functionality

Once it is assured that, nothing is broken or missing and it is in the line with your vision and objective, set it free ( get it live ).

F) Working with the team

Talk to your people and train them well. Make sure you get the team’s support and commitment throughout the process (especially when really needed ). Bear in mind, that getting live is not the end of your work, it is just the start. All websites need continuous support and maintenance.

In order to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to play on a different level. That can be only possible with constant effort. Try to give operational, technical and creative support to the clients.


Summing up now,a website project is the process of creating your website. the activities are basically defined as a pre-determined goal. the network can be accessible for anyone and everyone. It consists of several processes and factors. Make sure to make a strong base for your work.

You can thank me now!