The Breathtaking Web Design Trends You Need To Watch In 2016



As we begin 2016, one apparent aspect we must notice is that the web design and development world has skyrocketed with superior new design trends with promising, and exciting and inspiring things for everyone (designers, clients, visitors, clients, etc)

Web designers need to look and at them and check on a regular basis, in order to keep pace with the fast forward trends to know what clients are into, so be able to deliver worthy designs that do not just look good but also provide excellent utility and as a result, optimized conversions for clients.

What is so interesting about our new year- 2016 is the wide-ranging design trends. While some trends are simply mashed-up versions of already existing designs, on the other hand, others significantly dig into real problems and solve them to provide an enhanced user experience. You’ll be amazed to learn about them.

There are few breathtaking trends for this year you must look at.


Flat design 2.0

As 2016 progresses, you will be hearing more of this.  Flat design is a web design language wide commonly used in graphical user interface, (web and mobile app.) basically, in graphical materials as posters, arts, guide documents, publishing products, etc.

Well based on the original flat design, introduced during 2012, this new one corrects huge usability issue that gives a better user experience.

Flat design 2.0 is neither completely 2D nor flat. It adds more depth and profoundness using subdued 3D layers and shadow effects.


Material Design

You might have noticed Google using Material Design a lot. Google uses it on Android products like Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, etc.

Material Design ‘challenges to create a visual language for users that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science’.

It has many eye-catching features like prominent grid based layouts, vivid coloring, padding- are some of them.

It takes the visual language and molds the morals and classic principles of good design with the innovation of tech and science.


Ultimate color design

Anyone can put a few colors together in one site, but would you call that an ideal web design of a website?

Few can blend the colors to put it in tune to make it impressive and strikingly attractive for viewers.

This year has been predicted to make designers work more on right color patterns than ever before. Hope web designers do not disappoint us! This site, Kissmetrics makes the point clear that, color has a strong psychological influence on human brain’. Their survey shows good visual coloring affects their buying decision for about 92.6% of the people. Ever thought why blue is the most preferred color for both men and women?

Some designers have already started using this strategy to gather and collect more viewers, and help user experience for everyone.


2016 year has been anticipated to rock and roll the platform of web design and development world. Hence, keep your eyes wide open, as you’ll be acquainted with more of these web design trends as they come and flood your laptops, desktops, mobile sites, tablets, etc.