Mastering The Digital Marketing In 2016


Staying ahead of the curve is of the utmost importance in the marketing world. From SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) to connect marketing, keeping in pace with the leading – edge mode for mastering the digital marketing can be a serious dare.

The digital media has become so pervasive that customers have access to information of existing and new products any time and at any place. Those days are over when you wanted them to know what you only desired. People dislike pushes and deceives. Not only they are exposed to your message, but also of your rivals, friends, relatives, etc.  People now have every bit of information in the palm of their hands of the products. Digital marketing is almost like an ‘advertainment’, a source for entertainment, news, shopping, ads, social interaction and much more.  People want trustworthy brands. Only then, they can be loyal customers. They want to relate themselves with your brands and products.

As a new year comes, there is always a lot of interest and excitement in prediction on the trends. “What’s next?” is one of the most common talks for people ( buzz word ). Brands and products which have personalized messages ( emotional, logical and moral ), relevant and often tailored to their needs and preferences are more likely to stay ahead in the competition. You can go through various marketing reports and research for the future. But, to make your life easy, read the insights of mastering the digital marketing below:

Your content remains the crowned head

A form of inbound marketing, content marketing provides relevant information to people. Content can be a great tool to inspire your customers, rather than bore them with ads. Videos create positive impression in the minds of customers, about seventy – one percent on average. Approximately ninety percent of them find custom content useful and trustworthy. Moreover, content marketing costs much less than the traditional outbound marketing.

Many even consider content marketing as a part of B2B Digital Strategy ( business to business ).

You can list out each stage of sales cycle in a chart/graph/pie and correlate content pieces specifically for each customer’s need. You simply can’t provide customers what they prefer without having an accurate idea of what they need. Moreover, the deeper your insights are about customer preferences and wants, the more likely you are to engage them into lucrative communications.

Furthermore, Nielsen reports about 64% of people on average expect video to reign their need term strategies.

“Opening up video platforms will enhance growth of businesses”

So, find a way to harness the power of video. You may use Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, etc.

SEO is a prime

By putting effort in prioritizing visual content in your business, you are getting the bonus of boosting SEO ranking. Pictures, videos and info graphics are far more credible than plain text. People are able to relate better and feel more relevant to their searches.

Supplementing with good Meta descriptions, tags and targeted keywords, you can ace in the SEO sector. Just bear in mind that people no longer search by writing small words. Having a non- responsive designed website can hurt the SEO visibility. In addition, with no options left, SEO content authors will start doing excellent writing. In order to outrank your competitors, write better keywords and it’ll also make Google understand your content. It’s almost magical when you deliver instant useful content, with matching images and videos to lower the bounce rate, ( that is what people prefer ), hence developing powerful relation.

Mobile – A necessity

You need to target the Millennials, as they are the future. In order to make or build a long term customer relation with them, you need to optimize digital presence on mobile phones. In addition, the mobile shopping platform is on hype!  Mobile marketing has become crucial. Google has already made ‘mobile – friendliness’ a requirement for SEO.

Remember that the website has been optimized also for mobile devices and that your campaign plan and target is made with the specific competitive edge of the platform in mind. In order to pool big amount of customers through mobile devices, you may use micro interaction tools.

Hook up with social media

Try to engage with customers through the wonderful social media. Almost everyone has been  connected through social media. Become an opportunist and use triggered E – mails and notifications to connect. Specially, with the emergence of Instagram, SnapChat and Pinterest, it has become extremely vital for businesses to enhance growth. Respond immediately to customers and seek feedback from them. Smart marketers can use these mediums to consistently create coordinated customer experiences, moving them along the buying cycle.

The world is in love with the social media, rushing towards it every time for research or to buy products and services. This provides a wonderful chance for businesses to get in touch with their targeted customers ( can be through good research, narrow casting, focused groups, etc ) and for mastering digital marketing. You can also collect information from the past customer purchase, newsletter signups, subscriptions, discount offers, etc or current customers ( referrals ) to get personal with your brand. In fact, every interaction of a brand with a potential customer (via any tool ) must be personalized. It’s time to put a face on your consumer and treat her or him as an individual for better market growth and shares, for mastering the digital marketing.


Technology is moving at a rapid pace. It’s completely and absolutely normal to face some difficulties and challenges keeping up. Don’t get intimidated, by trying to get to know these trends, you’ll be better off and more equipped to face bigger challenges and break the fourth wall with consumers without breaking your vault. Through mastering the digital marketing, you can promote your brand or product, build preference, engage with customers and as a result, increase sales and market share. You can extract information from big data to make efficient and productive decisions. While the internet is the channel, most closely related to digital marketing,  there are other modes. Some are- mobile, wireless text messaging, instant mobile messages, mobile apps, podcasts, radio, electronic billboards, digital television, etc.