Dissecting The Web Design Trend


Demonstrations are on hype these days. Designers and even regular people are creating websites including full screen illustrations to hand drawn strokes. You name it, it’s there! It’s a trend which is likely to keep growing like mushrooms.

These ideas below will help you to make the most of your design.



Demonstrations are a creative and flexible way to build your own website design. The hand drawn pictures, sketches, lettering, and numbering will give you an edge. No wonder it’s so highly demanded.

Need more reasons?

It embraces imagination and people can relate to it more.It can blend the reality with utopia, making it look extra-ordinary.

Customizing gets easy by the help of hand drawn images. Color pattern is extremely crucial here, and you can take advantage of it by putting bright yellow/ orange/ blue/ red colors, just the way you like.

Even if you aren’t an illustrator, this technique will be easy for you to ace. Demonstrations can give you abundant styles(sketches, drawings, graphics, etc)


Hero images

Hero images are large banner images, prominently placed on web pages, generally in the front or center to grab viewers’ eye. It can be both static and dynamic. This style is also used for portfolio, e-commerce sites and app preview places.

In order to use this complex style, make sure you’re taking ample amount of time before hand. It has to be good. Users won’t waste their precious time viewing something which they don’t get or is a mess. So be careful. Make sure to pick the right elements to convey your message clearly and effectively. It may have depths of twist, but the overall message must be simple and straight forward. If you think you’re not yet an expert, take help of a professional, as you don’t wanna waste your time on a project which isn’t worth a single penny.


Touch of Animation

People prefer dynamism these days, though static art has an impact and beauty of it’s own. You can pair an illustration with an effortless animation or a scroll effect, as a motivation for viewers to click around for some time.

The precise and fine movements like spinning texts grabs attention of viewers into your design. Such delicate and subtle truly inspire visitors to roam around the site.


Hand drawn images

Custom typography is enough admired by many in today’s world. It is  the art of making written language more appealing when displayed. It includes typefaces, point size, line length, line spacing and tracking. This text based visual can have a big influence and can get a positive response if used as the main art element of your work.

This tool makes the reading easy and fun for viewers. Multiple uses of a personal text block can be prodigious for users. You must make sure that the words are still quite clear and readable, having no trouble understanding and connecting to the message

Many websites do a hats off job at it. You might have noticed typography and photos help pull users through the rest of the site. The last outcome is fun and simple to follow.


While jumping  into the world of web design projects might be a little intimidating at first, but once you’ve got a hand on it, it’ll be as easy as eating your favorite cookie!

The options are pretty infinite, so you may start with any easy one. The web design trend has skyrocketed, so this might be a good time to fasten your seat belts and rush into the web design world. Think about it, it might work for you.