5 Most In Demand Programming Language Of 2016


The demand for programming language has escalated a lot recently and has been expected to keep growing.

Glassdoor published a recent report on top 25 lucrative, in demand jobs. You will notice that a lot of jobs need some sort of programming skills. So if you are looking for a well paid and gainful career, then make sure to include learning at least one programming language on your to do list!

You might be wondering which prime programming language to learn. Well, no need to sweat too much as below is the list of most demanding programming language, set in order.



SQL ( pronounced as sequel ) tops the list this year. Database tech like MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL server power big and small business, banks, colleges, hospitals, etc. Without any doubt, almost every person with access to computer and tech must have touched something related with SQL. There are many websites to learn SQL. SQLZOO is one of them. It claims to be one of the best and most popular website for learning SQL online and that too for free!



It is one of the most widely chosen programming languages. It is used by about 9 million developers and running successfully on 7 billion devices globally. Java is mainly famous for it’s good quality readability and simplicity. Long-term compatibility is also one of their premium features.

Furthermore, it is used to power big companies like LinkedIn, Netflix.com, and amazon.com.



Taking the third place this time, it is used to make the web pages fun and creative for good interaction. It is commonly used to add effects to web pages, display pop up messengers, and many more. If you did not know, this is the programming language of World Wide Web.

In order to put UX (User Experience), almost every website have some touch of JavaScript. You can learn this awesome programming language in codecademy.org, which was founded in August 2011, NY. It is an online interactive platform, offering coding classes in 9 different programming languages. This online school teaches the fundamentals, needed for a good start.



Microsoft has designed C #, ( pronounced as C – sharp ). In comparison to the other programming languages, this one is new.

Brain bell.com, a free IT training and computer tutorials give a good insight about this programming language.

C# is a programming language, which aims to combine the computing power of C++ with the programming of visuals basic.



C++ gets the fifth position this time. It is pronounced as C PLUS and is based on the earlier C language. It was first released in 1983, developed by Bjairne Stroustrap. Experts claim that, if you know this particular language, then it’ll help you to understand Java, JavaScript and many other C style languages.

Linux is written in this language. Moreover, if you’re thinking of writing programs, like Android apps, or server side program, then this one can be your ideal choice.