WordPress Maintenance – The Right Way To Keep Your Website Safe


You are glad that your website is up and running. The design is gorgeous, and sales are coming way better than expected. But just after a week, when things were getting better, someone hacked your website, and you lost all of the data. Now, you can blame a couple of people in this scenario, but the right thing to do is to start again with a better plan. 

The thing with WordPress websites is that they require maintenance. Without WordPress maintenance, you won’t be able to scale your business at all. Sadly, website owners consider WordPress maintenance as some burden. But what they fail to realize is that if the website is not maintained, there are more chances of being hacked. 

WordPress maintenance is essential, and you need a WordPress maintenance plan to keep your website safe and secured. And don’t ignore it at all because this silly mistake will cost you much in the future. 

Here are a few things that you can do yourself. 

Take Regular Backups 

The best way to maintain a WordPress website is to take regular backups. Because if you ignore taking the backups, there is a high chance that your website will have outdated software that might allow hackers.

WordPress Maintenance – The Right Way To Keep Your Website Safe - ThinkStudio

You cannot afford to compromise your data by ignoring it. Backing up data will ensure that the latest data is still with you. 

Some of the hosting providers give an option of automatic backups. Some plugins allow automatic backups. Use them and keep your WordPress safe. 

WordPress Core Update & Plugins  

WordPress often releases core updates that usually take care of people’s problems while running the platforms. These core updates especially make things challenging for hackers as WordPress keeps getting better every day.

To run things smoothly, you must keep your WordPress software up-to-date. Moreover, ensure that all the plugins you are using are updated as soon as you update the popup. 

Never ignore these updates, as they are an essential step in WordPress maintenance. Frequently check the latest updates and as soon as the update is released, go for it. 

Maintaining The Database 

If your website is getting high-traffic each day, then you must maintain a WordPress database well. The database size depends on the hosting server you are using and the package you’ve selected for your website. 

It is okay to initiate with a small database, but your WordPress database will demand maintenance as you scale the business. When you maintain the database regularly, it will significantly improve your website’s load time, and there will be fewer or no database errors to deal with. 

There are also tons of plugins out there that will help you to maintain the database and keep them clean. Mostly, all of these plugins have the same features. However, you can choose which plugin seems right for you. Some of the most downloaded plugins include WP-Optimize, WP DBManager, WP Sweep, etc.

Get Rid Of Spam Comments

One problem that most website owners face is spam comments. And not just one or two. Some bots fill your blogs, websites with tons of comments every day. 

WordPress Maintenance – The Right Way To Keep Your Website Safe - ThinkStudio

One of these comments can breach your website or database and create problems for you. So, it is wise that you take care of the spam comments before they harm your website. 

Again, there are plugins that you can use to get rid of spam comments. One such plugin is ‘Disable Comments’; it will disable the unnecessary comments, and you’ll be at peace. 

Improve The Website Security

Since WordPress is an open platform that gives developers ease to make the necessary changes based upon the client’s requirement. However, with such freedom, there comes a downside. The hackers can easily use plugins to break into your website. 

That is why regular WordPress core updates are suggested to keep the software up to date. As a developer or a website owner, you need to ensure that your WordPress website is secured and protected. 

Some plugins will help in maintaining the security of the website. You need to check which of the plugins are the right fit for your WordPress theme. 

Regular Status Monitoring

As you might know that a WordPress website needs to be regularly monitored. Because a malicious code can harm the website instantly, and you might not even see it coming. 

To ensure that your website is clean, you need to monitor every aspect of the website. From traffic on the website to the sudden changes in the database of the website. 

Metrics & Reporting

Once the WordPress website is up and you are ready to grow, you must monitor the right metrics for your growth. Because without motoring and measuring, you cannot scale fast. 

And it is not just about monitoring; you need to check the reports that the system generates to see what needs improvement and what you are doing fine. 

Performance Optimization

According to an article by WordPress, Optimization can be done in a couple of ways. 

  • Delete the unnecessary plugins that are taking space in your website. 
  • Optimize the high-quality images to reduce the load on the website. 
  • Use Google PageSpeed Insights to get feedback on what elements in the website needs optimization. 
  • Compress your files with the W3 Total Cache plugin.
  • You can also use the Pingdom tool to optimize the speed of your website.

Ecommerce Support

Take help from eCommerce support services to optimize the WordPress website and help you with the maintenance. 

When running an eCommerce store, it is necessary to get support from experts. On WordPress, it is WooCommerce that will help you sell your products online in a hassle-free manner. 

Closing Thoughts 

WordPress maintenance is something that every website owner must worry about. Developing a website is great but what’s more important is maintaining that website. 

The above tips will help you effortlessly maintain the website. Follow each tip and see what improvement you get against that tip. Plus, the WordPress community is a great way to find people who can maintain your website easily.