The Need for Your WordPress Site Backups


WordPress (WP) site backups are exactly what they sound like, a backup copy of your website that you can have around in case you need to restore your website. 

Here’s the problem: Most people don’t backup their website often enough or at all. For those who’ve lost an entire website, they will remember, but most people don’t understand the importance until they have a problem.

Things that can take down your website

You can lose your entire website to several problems:

  • A WordPress update – Every time WP updates, you risk losing your entire website. The issue is that a plugin or your theme become incompatible with the new WP upgrade. Recently, when WP upgraded to 5.0, many websites had problems. With a backup, it’s easy to restore a website.
  • Hackers – One of hackers’ favorite activities on a WP site to add code, particularly links to a website that they want Google to look at. Often, it’s to sell Viagra or something similar. If the hack is good enough, the only way to get back to your website is to have a backup.
  • A Mistake – Sometimes, we make a mistake and cause our own website issues. If you find yourself dealing with that type of situation, having a backup of your website can make it much easy to get back to the time before you messed up your own site.

How to do backups

While we won’t get in-depth, there are a few ways to back up your websites.

Plugins are normal. You can also have your host do it. WordPress has a built-in function that lets you download your website and store it someplace.

By far the easiest way is to hire a company to manage your WP for you. They’ll do the backups and keep them in a safe place in case you need them. Typically, you pay for a monthly service and they handle backups while they handle every other aspect of maintaining your WP site.

Backup your WordPress site

Repeat: Backup your WordPress site. 

If you haven’t done it in the last month or ever, do it right now.