The Managed WordPress Advantage


Managed WordPress (WP) has been around for a while, but today’s version is more complete and thorough than ever

The goal of managed WP is to let you do your job and not have to worry about all the different things that you should and must do to keep your website healthy.

A managed WordPress service like ThinkStudio will handle everything for you without taking anything away from your already busy day.

  • Regular backups – See our article here on the importance of backups. Without regular backups, you can lose your entire website and must start all over again.
  • Regular updates – See our article here on updating your website. Without regular updates, you can find yourself with a site that is unstable or vulnerable to hackers.
  • State-of-the-Art security – Security, like everything else about your WP website is constantly evolving. It needs to be updated regularly to defeat hackers’ attempts to ruin your website.
  • Status monitoring – ThinkStudio uses software to watch your site constantly to make sure that the site is up and running. This allows them to fix it if there’s an issue, usually before anyone notices.
  • Performance optimization – Using optimizing software, a manager WP firm will make sure that your site operates as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
  • Metrics – Gathering the data from your websites of visits, geography, browsers, and more can make it easier for you to tailor your site for your customers. This can increase sales and guide your other marketing efforts.
  • WooCommerce support – If you run an online store, you need someone to make sure it’s running well all the time. If your store functionality stops working, you can lose money, a lot of money. WooCommerce support is worth its weight in gold.

The entire purpose of ThinkStudio is to allow you to focus on the business of doing business and not have to worry that your website is up and running well.