The Constantly Moving Parts of WordPress Maintenance


WordPress (WP) is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). In fact, over 33% of all websites on the internet use WP. That’s over three times any competitive CMS. The reason is that WP is free and awesome. You can download and use WP on your hosting platform without paying WordPress or its parent company Automattic anything. 

All this activity also means that there are constant updates to deal with. 

On December 6, 2018, WordPress updated to 5.0 “Bebo”. It was a complete overhaul of their blogging system and added several features. Since then, WP has upgraded repeatedly to 5.1.1. 

Every time WP updates, all the themes and plugins that one uses for functionality on WP need to be updated as well. 

What this means is that every time you open your WP website, there will be updates to do. 

What if you don’t do WP updates?

Nearly all the updates on WP on a regular basis are security updates. The same applies for plugins and themes. These security updates are designed to patch holes in the system to keep hackers out.

Often, the updates also correct a functionality issue. WP will have figured out that there’s a problem in their software that causes breaks. They will issue an update to repair it. 

If you don’t do the updates, you risk:

  • A security breach because hackers can look at what version your running and exploit old flaws.
  • A shut down of your website as the software becomes increasingly unstable and incompatible.
  • Functionality issues with some parts of your website, such as plugins, stop working with WP software or your theme.

The Moving Parts of WordPress

All this means that WP is in constant flux. These updates all cause your site to become less stable and more vulnerable if they aren’t done. 

Keeping up with all these constant changes is a full-time job. The easiest way to make sure it’s all done all the time is to hire a firm to do “managed WordPress”. Managed WordPress means that the company will handle the updates for you, keeping everything working smoothly and running will.