7 Things You Should Know About Virtual Reality


Virtual reality ( VR ) is basically an immersive multimedia which imitates your physical presence in various location in the real as well as imaginary world. It lets you (user) to interact with that stirring environment. Virtual reality creates wonderful sensory experiences like vision, touch, hear, and smell.

This has gained a lot of attention lately and is predicted to keep on growing in many sectors.

Exotic holidays

Virgin holidays, the most successful transl-antic tour manager is using virtual reality as a tool to engage more customers for amazing destinations. They ran experiment last year using virtual reality in 50 of it’s stores and displayed some of the best holiday locations. Customers were encouraged to don a Google Cardboard headset and plunge into virtual tours around the world.

Apparently, sales of a Mexico trip increased drastically for this fabulous tech. Aren’t you amazed? 2016 is being predicted as the year when virtual reality will be properly exposed into the public consciousness.

Virtual reality in the shopping stores

Harrods uses virtual reality ( VR ) headsets to provide customers virtual tour (for better understanding ) of dear penthouse apartments. Even car businesses are using it to give people test drive experiences.

Stores are even trying to give customers unique experience through mass customization.

We all know how tiring it gets trying one dress at a time and thinking how it looks in front of the mirror. Many people find that tremendously exhausting and hectic. Thanks to VR, it  brings you the good news- a virtual shopper can wear 2 items of clothing next to each other and compare them simultaneously. This innovation is likely to boost sales and bring great to people by saving their valuable time and energy.

Productive mindset

Virtual reality can bring massive improvements to well being of minds. Rather than spending your final days lying in tedious beds or looking at a bunch of life – support tubes, maybe it would be better to be hang gliding through the rainbows or skydiving or hiking or swimming in Japanese exotic ponds or Travelling to the romantic Grand Palace in Thailand or even visiting Disneyland!

in some cases, VR therapy can be fast and effective than traditional therapy. It can be cost effective as well for patients who need to travel great distance. It will be able to reach out patients in need who can’t geographically travel to their preferred specialists or centres.

Dr. Albert Rizzo uses VR systems to treat post-traumatic stress disorder ( PTSD ). Moreover, his admiring work received the Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Treatment of Trauma in 2010. He is currently now working with virtual patients for practice and developing skills. Virtual reality even makes patients use their weak arms after strokes, by making their minds believe that the affected arm is more accurate and stronger than it actually is in real life. This lets the positive feedback and spontaneous arm use. This is bringing big changes in peoples’ lives.

The medical sector of VR  is likely to improve and develop more as time goes by.

Board room meeting

Video conferencing is getting old . The premium quality of VR will let you see a new product and test it out. You will be amazed by it’s efficiency and superior quality. It avoids the cost and time of travel and lets you quickly jump in and out of any meeting, even the most dull one.

Gathering data and analysis will be much faster. All of these will help you and your team gain and sustain a competitive edge.

Virtual training on sports

VR will be able to train players with a headset. The trainees can see the match from a first person perspective. It will help them make snap decisions efficiently, boosting performance.

Furthermore, VR can bring about innovation in equipment design. Some systems even allow the audiences to walk in any location of the match. For instance, it can help you in buying a ticket or popcorn and drinks along with pop chicken for a match!

Classroom education

You wouldn’t want a medical student or a resident to make deadly mistakes on a real life operation, costing the patients’ lives. Thanks to this virtual reality, students can make all their mistakes and learn on virtual patients. This even raises the level of  standard in education.

Students in a history can walk through a battlefield and learn about the history. They’ll be able to visit the big and beautiful  Pyramids of Egypt, Sundarban Royal Bengal Tigers of Bangladesh, Pacific Ocean and what not. Students can even touch objects within the virtual environment for greater knowledge, clarity and understanding. This awesome tech can help students to learn effectively in a fun and creative way, pooling more information in to their brains.

VR can help to develop ‘people skills’, promote self paced learning , innovate new ways of solving problems, engage in new forms of communication by forging new links and friendships, and more.

Students in astronomy classes can touch and move planets and stars and travel from one galaxy to the other. Who knows, maybe one day they can discover a new element or matter in space. There are virtual reality educational games as well ( spelling , maths, history, grammar, punctuation, science, etc ).

Education is shifting from the traditional books and pencils to online and interactive tech, making information retaining easier for students of all ages.

Virtual reality in crime scene

Imagine if you could travel back and forth to the crime scene during the occurrence of the crime. Through virtual reality , trials can be more efficient , productive and fair. The both sides can provide explanation through VR. It can be very helpful when a defendant does not have any written documents or anything to proof his or her innocence to the court trial, but can take you to the crime seen and properly describe what exactly happened by showing you.


The subject of virtual reality was first addressed in 1965, and was anticipated by many people. VR has spread today very fast and the much awaited Oculus Rift headset will be available in many countries this year. They are expected to enjoy the first mover’s advantage. Though VR can get close to perfect world, it has consequences too. Many people have started to develop vision problems and obesity, as they sit for long period in chairs.